If you are savvy about Content Management Systems (CMS), you know that Liferay is not some kind of futuristic weapon to protect our planet from alien invaders. Liferay Portal is nothing quite so exotic! But, it is worth knowing about if you are a business owner or manager. Liferay is a popular web portal framework with over sixty tools and innovative technologies to create CMS sites and environs.Liferay Portal development tools are designed to simplify Liferay portal development and Liferay theme design. Liferay Portal can simplify workflow, and the user experience and it can be customized to cater to specific preferences and needs. Out–of–the–box Liferay Portlets allow developers to create and customize a CMS environment, a document management systems or a web site to meet other requirements. Liferay technology incorporates the open source frameworks and technologies of many popular toolsets, suites and languages like Java, Hibernate ORM, JSR 168, Apache Struts and more!


If your business needs a new (or upgraded) CMS solution, it should consider Liferay Portal, and work with experts who can offer the latest, cutting-edge skills and the experience to get the job done right, and ensure that the solution will be ready for future growth and changing requirements…because we all know that the business world is not static! Look for someone who can provide support for the entire project life cycle – someone who has the domain expertise and cross-platform experience, so your solution will be integrated with other enterprise systems and its design and execution will be well conceived.

Do it right the first time with Liferay Developers who can satisfy your requirements and help you on the road to CMS success.