Mobile BI

The business intelligence (BI) solutions of today are far more flexible than the BI tools of old. One of the reasons for this improved flexibility is that vendors are responding to user demands for more responsive, personalized solutions and to business requirements to invest once and leverage a solution for the long-term. In order to meet these requirements and needs, vendors must get smarter about design and build a foundation that is flexible enough to accommodate new, unanticipated user needs.


In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, no enterprise is willing to wait years for a vendor to redesign a software solution that is suitable to their changing needs. Therefore, if your business is looking for a BI tool that will satisfy their needs today and in the future, it must select a 100% browser based solution, with a responsive interface that delivers a seamless user experience on desktops, tablets and smart phones, and an intelligent rendering engine that takes a ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’ approach.Businesses can’t wait months or years to implement, upgrade or tweak a solution to suit different mobile, tablet and desktop devices. If developers have to design dashboards, reports or other BI objects to suit a particular mobile or tablet device, that process will be never ending, because there are new devices, screen sizes and screen resolutions released every day.

Users expect BI tools and dashboards to work on any device. The ‘Design once, Use anywhere’ approach, allows developers to design dashboards only once, and leverage an intelligent rendering engine to render same dashboards in different ways thereby ensuring a seamless user experience for users no matter what device they are using. With a built-in UI engine, there is no need to design device specific dashboards or analytics. Developers and power users can design BI objects once and users will have full access on all devices from anywhere. This approach significantly reduces time, resources and the skills required for development and implementation.

This approach allows for device independence, data democratization and a true self-serve BI environment and ensures that licensing fees, training time and user adoption are optimized for every size business and every type of industry to significantly improve employee empowerment and accountability, and business competitive positioning.

With the right business intelligence solution, implementation, deployment and training should take 4 to 6 weeks, and require only general IT skills, so the organization does not have to employ specialized IT resources or consultants.

Gone are the days when businesses were willing to spend precious time and money on software customization. Today’s businesses (and users) demand a more practical business intelligence solution that allows for growth, change, personalization and the flexibility to accommodate the unknown!

Original Source – “Design Once, Use Anywhere”: Mobile BI and Great Ux Deliver an Unbeatable Solution!