Why Does My Business Need Digital Transformation?

What is Digital Transformation and Why is it Important?

The concept of Digital Transformation is comprised of numerous factors and, as the idea gains traction in the global technology arena, the term is used to refer to various aspects of technology and the transformation of businesses and culture from a silo environment of data, information, software, hardware and networks to an open, flowing environment of integrated data and easy access to information.



Digital transformation involves the use of cutting-edge, rapidly changing digital technology to find, analyze and use information, solve problems and complete tasks using open or shared systems, or cloud computing, with decreased reliance on owned hardware and silo environments and increased use of subscription-based cloud services.

So, is digital transformation just a fad or is it a critical, transformational concept that will improve your business and your competitive advantage? It is easy to imagine how a more open, dynamic technology environment can improve the flow of information and knowledge and reduce costs for the acquisition and maintenance of hardware, networks and software solutions.

These new, cutting-edge approaches to data and information flow allow for easy integration of data flowing in and out from various sources and make that data more accessible to a business user and customer population that is constantly on the go and needs access via every type of device imaginable. The new digital frontier allows you to sidestep downtime, upgrades and many other issues that reduce technology availability and productivity.

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