Business Analytics and BI Tools ARE Right for Business Users

Is a Business Intelligence Solution Really Easy Enough for Business Users?

If you are thinking that business analytics is too complex for you (or your business users), you may want to take a step back and look at the exciting evolution of business analytics tools. Today’s business intelligence solutions and business analytics software offer easy-to-use tools and features that are suitable for business users at every skill level.



Data analytics software and BI Tools can and should be an important part of your business toolkit and will engender fact-based decision-making, and improve data literacy across the enterprise. It isn’t enough in today’s competitive market to limit access to data analytics to business analysts and data scientists or IT professionals. Every team member in your organization needs to have a grasp of Data Analytics and, although your business users do not need to be experts in data analysis, these business users should feel confident in using Business Intelligence Software that will help them produce clear analytics and reports and share that data with other users so everyone knows they are using the best, most comprehensive and accurate data available.

In order to provide this kind of support for your users, you need to choose BI tools and Business Analytics solutions that are easy to adopt, require little training and ramp-up time and encourage users to incorporate analytical tasks into their daily processes and tasks to improve outcomes, productivity and results.

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