Don't Drop Tally Solutions: SME Sales Teams Can Use BI to Integrate and Analyze Data and Leap Ahead

Tally ERP is a popular software solution for small and medium sized (SME) organizations. As these businesses grow, the critical information contained within the Tally solution and other best-of-breed or ERP systems may decrease in value because of the restricted ‘silo’ environment in which that data resides. During the critical period of business expansion, it is more important than ever to have integrated, concise information with which to make product and service decisions, pricing and financial decisions and customer targeting decisions. For the sales manager who has been assigned the task to increase sales and to improve customer outreach, the data within a CRM and/or the Tally Solutions system is critical to success. As an organization grows from small to medium and from medium to large the management team must find a way to address more complex reporting and analysis needs using existing data, and the sales management team and sales professionals must depend on this information to drive performance.###

Tally Solutions default reports and analysis tools are restrictive for growing businesses, and if a Tally customer wants something more in the way of reporting and analytical tools, they must engage Tally for these reports or use critical in-house IT or analytical resources, thereby sidelining these resources from other projects and enduring delays in management decisions.

When an organization is faced with growth and the need for better, more efficient data analysis, there is a way to get the critical data they need without giving up popular solutions like Tally and ERP systems. A business sales team can leverage the information in CRM and Tally Solutions with powerful business intelligence analytical tools.

There are numerous benefits a sales team and SME growing business will enjoy, by acquiring simple, practical, affordable, mobile business intelligence (BI) solution.

  • The business team will leverage crucial data from Tally Solutions to derive intelligence and drive performance, and identify trends, patterns, problems and opportunities.
  • The sales team will enjoy browser-based access allowing users to receive and analyze critical Business Intelligence data and alerts from anywhere, in the office and on the road, via desktop, laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • Users will employ simple, intuitive features and tools to personalize views and make reporting easier and timely, and to receive information in a way that is meaningful to their role.
  • The business will gain easy access to disparate data sources like inventory management, payroll systems, shipping and tracking, CRM, ERP, and even spreadsheets, for consolidated reporting and analysis.
  • The business can implement the best performance management practices, and create a performance driven culture with key performance indicators (KPIs), and balanced scorecards to empower employees and encourage accountability.
  • The business can enjoy dynamic MIS, complex analysis and ad-hoc reporting with personalized alerts, data sharing and automated publishing via email.
  • Data can be represented in personalized Dashboards, and interactive graphs with drill down, drill through and powerful analytical and display tools.
  • KPI, Cube Management, and Deep Dive Analysis enable sophisticated analytical processes in a simple user environment.
  • Multi-layered access rights and permissions provide appropriate data and personal security. Control access to data is at data column level.
  • Users can quickly, and easily, identify trends for expenses, revenue, customer acquisition, product and service results, teams, departments, divisions and locations.
  • Users receive alerts, notice exceptions, threshold notifications, and can drill down to find the root cause of an issue before it becomes a problem, and take quick and decisive action.
  • Sales managers and team members can monitor changing customer buying behaviors, closing and payment schedules, pricing, new product and service offerings, customer demographics and geographies, social media marketing results and sales and more.

Business Intelligence tools do not have to be complex or expensive. The right BI tool can provide simple, intuitive access to crucial data for every user in a growing organization and offer the business valuable support for expansion and increased revenue and competitive success. Whether the business wishes to provide integrated support for its sales team, or its financial or accounting managers or any other employee, a small to medium sized business (SME) can leverage Tally Solutions tools, ERP, CRM and other systems and data sources.

By creating an integrated environment, any business can meet critical data requirements and drive performance without giving up its investment in existing software solutions. At the same time, the business can achieve rapid ROI and low TCO for its BI implementation with minimal training requirements and rapid deployment. This all-important BI implementation can ensure that users have ongoing access to the information contained in Tally Solutions software and create BI objects, personalized dashboards and flexible reports without expensive professional intervention from Tally, IT resources or analysts. The business sales team and all other departments and roles and functions can operate more efficiently and ensure business success in an ever-changing business environment.