My friend Roland sells football memorabilia. Last year, Roland signed up to do a holiday sale at a local community center. When he got the venue, he found that none of the prospective customers wanted his products. The event had been advertised as a ‘handicraft’ show, featuring hand knit baby sweaters, handmade aprons, blown glass tree ornaments, etc. Roland didn’t sell any football memorabilia that day

Why am I telling you this story? To prove the adage, ‘Know your audience’. That adage applies to any kind of customer, including an eCommerce client! If you are launching, migrating or upgrading an eCommerce site, you must design a site to attract and retain your target audience. It is important to understand more than the technical aspects of the site. Yes, performance, architecture and mobility is crucial but if you don’t know your target customers, their buying behavior and preferences, you will not get the results you want.


One other thing about my friend, Roland. He does have a website where he sells and auctions football memorabilia and, sadly, that site is not doing well either. The reason for his poor results is that he did not engage an expert to help him with internet marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click decisions and social media marketing. Nor did Roland take the time to find and select expert ecommerce developers who understand and can recommend the right solution and framework and the right design, features and user experience to attract the right audience. Don’t be like Roland! Go with the experts and get help with requirements planning, feasibility studies, and eCommerce CMS development, as well as user acceptance testing and more!