Is the Idea of Data Warehouse and Data Analytics Overwhelming You?

If your business is struggling to manage big data and data from disparate sources, your team should focus on several key areas. First, you will want to review your datawarehouse (DWH) capabilities. If those capabilities are not cutting-edge, you should consider a review and re-engineering of this area of your infrastructure to be sure your growing data needs can be satisfied so that your team is not overwhelmed or swamped with information.

Most especially, if your data needs have grown and Big Data is now an issue, you will want to address this sooner than later in order to manage your growth and help your business users, business analysts, data scientists and IT team manage data, information and equally importantly, your analytics environment.

Which brings us to the second consideration for data management and Datawarehousing, data lake and other data repositories and data management environments. When looking at your needs for data repositories and data management, be sure to broaden your review to include current and future Data Analytics needs. In this day and age of competitive business, nearly every business is following the Gartner predictions toward a Citizen Data Scientist environment where business users have access to data in an augmented analytics environment so that they can share data, and use sophisticated tools that are easy to leverage to make fact-based decisions.

In order to complete a comprehensive needs analysis for your data repositories and your analytical needs, you will want to look at the needs of divisions, business units and teams, as you may decide to create unique data habitats that bring together the data and tools a particular team needs in order to simplify how data is gathered, seen and analyzed.

If you are ready to consider all three of these factors, you may feel that your team needs some help to detail the requirements and sort through the options and design and develop an environment that helps you manage data, personalizes these environs as necessary for various teams and enables analytics for every team and individual.

Here are some resources to get you started on your journey toward data management and sophisticated, simplified analytics for all. Data Warehousing and Data Management, Business Case Studies, Augmented Analytics and Self-Serve Data Preparation for All Users