Out-of-the-Box Mobile BI for All Devices!

Design Once, Use Anywhere for Out-of-the-Box Mobile BI on All Devices!

So, you want to use a business intelligence solution but you don’t want to have to customize, spend a lot of money and end up with a solution that is restrictive and does not meet your needs? I don’t blame you.



You want to avoid the frustration and get a Mobile Business Intelligence Solution that does not dictate the device, the screen size or the setting in which you access your critical business intelligence data. You want a ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’ approach and a user interface that is not just responsive, but also provides an intelligent adaptive UI too, so it is ready-to-use on any device, any screen size, at any time and in any place with seamless performance.

BI Tools used to be difficult to use and limited or restricted to access within the office or by certain individuals in the organization, but no more!

Your business users can have a seamless, Mobile BI with self-serve BI tools without redesign or restructure of dashboards for specific devices and screen sizes. An out-of-the box solution can save time and money and roll out mobile BI to satisfy current and future mobile BI needs without additional licensing or development costs. You can have personalized dashboards and reporting, elegant graphs and charts, and key performance indicators (KPIs) that display seamlessly on every type and size of device with Self-Serve Business Intelligence that is truly mobile, and features responsive, adaptive UI performance to accommodate use in a desktop, tablet or smart phone environment!

If you want to explore the benefits and possibilities of out-of-the-box mobile BI tools, start here: Out-of-the-Box Mobile BI for All Devices.

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