Elegant MicroWeb Provides Business Intelligence and Application Development for India's National Dairy Development Board

Elegant MicroWeb has joined forces with the National Dairy Development Board(NDDB) of India to provide application development for financial and budget control management for NDDB projects all over India with workflow management. To support NDDB analytical requirements, the Elegant MicroWeb team also implemented its flagship business intelligence solution, ElegantJ BI, with BI tools for reporting, personalized dashboards, mobile BI, key performance indicators (KPIs) and other sophisticated, easy-to-use business intelligence features.


The NDDB promotes finances and supports producer-owned and controlled organizations across India. Its programs and activities are designed to strengthen farmer cooperatives and to support national policies that are designed for the growth of these institutions.

“Elegant MicroWeb is proud to act as a technology partner for these National Dairy Development Board initiatives,” says Kartik Patel, CEO of Elegant MicroWeb. “By providing solutions to manage finances, budgets, workflow and analysis, we are providing crucial support for growth, stability and advancement of the NDDB mission and vision,” he added.

The NDDB’s role in India is undeniably important to India’s economy, and to the cultural, societal and agricultural needs and initiatives of villages and farmers in support of animal breeding, nutrition and health related issues. The NDDB site and team provides information for consumers, dairy farmers, cooperative and engineering services, sector analysis and studies and more.

“The work of NDDB is crucial to the spirit and economy of India,” says Patel. “Our team is pleased to provide worry-free technology tools to support NDDB and its stakeholders and information consumers. NDDB project funding is provided by the World Bank and the Government of India and it is critical to the continued success of NDDB and we are here to support the needs of this organization with analytical tools, financial systems with budget allocation and utilization tools and other features and functions to support their organization,” he added.

Elegant MicroWeb services and solutions include numerous projects for government and public sector in the U.K., Australia, U.S. and in India. Our many successful projects for Indian government and public sector organizations provide a crucial example of the success of the Make in India initiative. The Smarten – powered by ElegantJ BI is a flagship product of Elegant MicroWeb and provides sophisticated, easy-to-use advanced data discovery tools for business users and organizations around the world. Elegant MicroWeb team has worked extensively with agencies and organizations within the Gujarat Government and the Indian Government on projects that focus on content management system (CMS) driven dynamic websites, mobile apps, custom application development and analytics and KPI dashboards and solutions.

Download the Case Study: Fund Management System with Business Intelligence Analytics for India’s National Dairy Development Board

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