Elegant MicroWeb Team Builds Dynamic Digital Content Library for Gujarat Tourism

Elegant MicroWeb, a trusted partner for quality software delivery, built and implemented a centralized digital library portal for the Tourism Department of the State of Gujarat in India to categorize and search content and share the digital content with internal and external stakeholders. Content includes images, videos, sound files and more.


“Users can download information and digital content files and even invite others to access and download the content from the portal,” says Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Karmic Patel. “So, it is easier than ever to share information and find content and files relevant to the subject of interest.”

The Gujarat Tourism organization provides comprehensive travel assistance and services to the tourists coming to visit Gujarat with services that include accommodation, conducted tours and ground transport with a wide range of choice to meet diverse needs. The Gujarat Tourism Corporation generates extensive digital content in the form of video, photos and images, brochures, documentaries, advertisements and other data. As part of its tourism charter, it has a myriad of stakeholders including government users, visitors, bloggers, reporters, journalists and TV media professionals. In the past, users could not easily search and locate digital content files based on their topic of interest. To find the desired information, required a complicated process in which users would review each repository one by one and select content. Furthermore, users did not have any tool to easily search integrated data or allow users to share content with other stakeholders.

Patel says, “The new Digital Library developed by Elegant MicroWeb supports data categorization and organization in structured, searchable form and allows users to send videos, photos and other digital files, with an easy-to-use interface and the ability to easily organize and share information without frustration, and to optimize their time on the site.”

The creation and implementation of a searchable data repository allows for on-the-fly conversion from one file format to another and supports many popular file formats. This new digital library ensures user adoption and satisfaction, allows for fine-grained data security and access controls for user rights and administration. The Gujarat Tourism Digital Library is just one example of the Elegant MicroWeb portfolio of government and public sector web and application projects and tools.

Elegant MicroWeb services and solutions benefit clients all over the world and its focus on government and public sector plays an integral role in the success of Indian government and public sector enterprises. Our success is a true example of the success of the Make in India initiative. The team has worked extensively with the Gujarat Government and the Indian Government on projects that include content management system (CMS) driven dynamic websites, mobile apps, custom application development and analytics and key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards and solutions. Download the case study.