Agility vs. Quality: A Tightrope Act of Analytics

Agility and Quality: A Vital Balancing Act!

This might be a strange comparison but let me make it anyway! Think of data agility and data quality like a tight rope act. The tightrope walker is thinking about getting to the other side without falling. The audience wants to see grace and beauty during the process. They want to see a QUALITY act. In the case of the tightrope walker and the audience, they sometimes have very different goals.



In data preparation, an organization may think of data preparation and data analysis as something that must always be of the highest quality – NO negotiation. Always agility and always, top quality. But, in fact, data analysis within an organization may be looked at from a different perspective.

Back to the tightrope walker: Sometimes a tightrope walker’s ONLY job is to get to the other side quickly and with agility. Perhaps he or she was employed to deliver a package or an item to someone on the other side of a chasm. In that case, agility and speed are the only things the tightrope walker must consider.

Likewise, with data preparation! Self-Serve Data Preparation for business users is a great data preparation tool! It allows business users to gather and perform advanced analytics on a daily basis to make the kind of decisions we must all make in business every day. As and when the organization requires exacting data quality and information with which to make strategic judgments or decisions, an analyst or an IT professional can jump in and provide sophisticated analysis to augment or confirm the analysis done by business users or to provide special reports to executive teams.

SO…think of your business users as tightrope walkers and give them the tools they need to perform self-serve data preparation quickly and with agility and to get to the other side of the chasm to deliver and share that data. When it is SHOW TIME, you can call in the experts and put THEM in the spotlight to deliver the quality you need!

If you want to support your users with self-serve data preparation tools.