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I have friends in the business and technology community who think that offshore outsourcing is like playing Russian Roulette. What I tell them is that, if they are careful about partner selection, they will get what they need. One of the most critical issues for offshore outsourcing services is delivery models. If your your partner has flexible service delivery models, you will be happier with the services. What you DON’T want is a vendor who is only available during the business hours in their time zone.What if your vendor is in India and you are in the U.S. or the U.K.? Are you willing to waste precious days waiting for an answer to a voicemail or an email? Are you willing to work at arm’s length, or do you want to talk directly to your vendor, on the phone or in person? Does your service provider offer flexible delivery models to meet long-term and short-term needs for projects and/or ongoing support?


No matter how simple or complex your business or your technology, project or ongoing support needs, your service provider should offer:Onsite Services – This model offers dedicated staff to act as a member of your technology or business team. These members provide cutting-edge, world-class expertise, technical, functional and leadership skills in the market, domain or techniques you need for project-related or ongoing support.Offshore Services – This model offers offshore outsourcing services that can be effectively performed offshore at an affordable cost, in a location with dependable infrastructure and security. Offshore team members should be responsive and available on a timely basis.

Hybrid Services – This model is a mixture of onsite and offshore services, appropriate to your needs for a project or on an ongoing basis for staff augmentation or to act as a team member.

Get flexible, affordable delivery models here: Flexible Delivery Models,