Content Management Systems (CMS) used to be for document management and a little bit of collaborative work. Today, CMS systems can be used for all types of projects and sites and ingenious business managers are pushing the envelope to find new uses every day. If you want to use a CMS framework to manage a classic Content Management System site or an eCommerce site, blog or other business site, you might want to consider Liferay Portal Development using an expert Liferay Developer. Liferay has practical, functional tools for innovative design and it can satisfy technical and usability concerns for nearly any type of site. You can integrate legacy system data, HR, Accounting or Sales systems data and any other sources of important data.Liferay Portal Development is flexible, with Out–of–the–Box tools, Single–Click Configuration, SOA Framework, Dynamic Drag and Drop, Secure Single Sign On (SSO), Work from Desktop Tools, Granular Role–Based Authorization, Search and Tagging, Communities and Organizations, Personal User Pages, and Multi–Language Support.


To leverage all of these flexible, feature rich tools, all you need is an experienced Liferay developer. You’ll want someone who has cross-platform and mobile application development experience and can combine these skills with software programming services, and web design. Liferay portal development services should include expert configuration of the Liferay portal framework and the ability to customize the Liferay framework and features to meet your specific requirements.If you want to explore the opportunities provided by Liferay Portal Development experts, contact us at