Magento has emerged as one of the Internet’s leading ecommerce solutions, and perhaps the greatest reason for this is the massive community that is constantly documenting new tricks and writing extensions.Yes, it’s originally an open source CMS for specifically e-commerce websites (Though owned by eBay Inc. now as a company). Written in PHP, it houses the MYSQL/MariaDB relational database management system & partial Zend Framework (an Open source, object oriented web application framework in PHP5). Magento uses conventions of OOP/Object Oriented Programming & a well-known Model-View Controller architecture. Additionally it uses Entity-Attribute-Value model in order to store data.


It houses following platforms; Magento Community Edition (Free), Magento Enterprise Edition (Commercial), Magento Go (Cloud-based ecommerce solution including web hosting).

Magento is essentially a supported Web template system which can replicate similar pages as well as themes.

It essentially comprises of–

Theme: Sets up an ecommerce website with due customization across PHP/HTML/CSS.

Modules: Plugins to enhance the native functionality.

Integration: facilitates the integration of multiple & different domain names via a singular control panel thus enabling a single administrative panel.

Magento Community platform is so empowered due to its philosophy of heightened user/developer/partner engagement by aid of enriched forums & an illustrated annual ecommerce conference called “Imagine ecommerce” since 2011.

Interestingly it also flaunts four different certifications out of which “Certified Soln. Specialist” is for Consultants, Analysts, and Project Managers i.e. Business Users. Rest of three are specific to establish developer competencies in implementing its various modules.

We can summarize Magento with tags of Versatile Content Management, Integrated Google Analytics, Mobile Friendly Configuration, Advanced SEO, Built-in upsells & cross-sell features, Ability to import huge spread-sheets, Easy 3rd party integrations, Customize security permissions, Intelligent filtered search And a Huge Community to support & hand-hold across different stages in its development, adoption & operation.

Going with Magento needs one most fundamental support layer and that would be the certified and qualified programming base, with proven understanding and experience working on Magento. The skills needed for working with Magento goes slightly above the conventional skill level associated with normal programming as some amount of architecture understanding is also needed.

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Original Source – Genesys of Magento