Case Study: Technology Development Board, India Re-Engineers Website and Deploys Project Management & Workflow App

The Technology Development Board advances technology innovation in India through its technology grant process. The objective of this project was twofold. First, the client wished to improve its existing website to make it compliant with GIGW and CERTIN, and to make it responsive, and improve the navigation and increase user satisfaction and adoption and organizational visibility. Secondly, the client wished to establish a comprehensive project management and workflow system to support its crucial grant process from grant application through approval in order to streamline and improve the process for applicants, internal team members and stakeholders. The TDB project management and application workflow system supports grant applicants and internal members of TDB for vetting and approvals as well as approvals by other government and legal stakeholders.

Elegant MicroWeb provided support, knowledge and skill for requirements and roadmap planning, technical feasibility, graphics, layout and Ux design, architecture, development, maintenance and support, as well as upgrade, roll out, implementation, integration, training and support. The project was completed on time and on budget with beneficial automation, a streamlined vetting and approval process and improved productivity and user interface.

Case Study: Native Mobile App Integration with Magento Platform for Digital Rewards Business in Australia

This Australian business provides digital rewards and products to a customer base that exceeds 6 million members. Customer business subscribers use these services to offer loyalty and reward programs to employees thereby improving employee satisfaction and expanding employee benefits.

Genesys of Magento


Magento has emerged as one of the Internet’s leading ecommerce solutions, and perhaps the greatest reason for this is the massive community that is constantly documenting new tricks and writing extensions.Yes, it’s originally an open source CMS for specifically e-commerce websites (Though owned by eBay Inc. now as a company). Written in PHP, it houses the MYSQL/MariaDB relational database management system & partial Zend Framework (an Open source, object oriented web application framework in PHP5). Magento uses conventions of OOP/Object Oriented Programming & a well-known Model-View Controller architecture. Additionally it uses Entity-Attribute-Value model in order to store data.