From CMS to eCommerce to Custom Made Applications, small business need all, if not many to both engage, compete and grow in today’s Internet driven markets. What we do is to ensure you have arrived and stay on top using technology as a backbone.


Growth Hacking through Technology

Growth is best achieved through engaging on the market at high, precise, volumes & business objective level. This is about having something that connects to your customers, something that defines your products/services and makes sense of what you can you to solve an ever persistent business problem. The best tool to communicate that is via your website, blog, marketing brochure, digital advertisements and marketing automation processes.

Website + Blog + Social Media

We design websites and implement communication systems (blog) to impact the internet marketing. We help design for specifics of the industry, we help design for season and flavor the moment. We have keep your site looking fresh and we keep them interactive. We ensure social interfacing happens and that your business finds its place among your target customers. We use world class CMS solutions that fit the need and achieve ease of management.

Promoting and Leveraging ecommerce

Unlike investment on a good website that drives your business leads and lets you grow by doing your service sales, a product sales website i.e. the ecommerce website delivers sales revenue instantly. Ecommerce Business Tools such as Magento, Big Commerce, Volusion, Shopify are the bare minimum you need to use along with a good design and some market presence management solutions in order to gain customers and thus revenue…

Interfacing Social and Beyond…

For small businesses engaged in everyday business operations, coming by big money and time to sell or reach your market audience is a very wide stretch on both the dollar $ part of the business and also on time. So letting some technology and well planned, coordinated action tools is always a good idea as long as they do cost you a lot and are able to deliver very high RoI.

This is where we help you design a strategy and find exponentially increased revenue streams of business growth. You will find yourself partnering with Google, Amazon, eBay and social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn to begin cultivating prospects, nurturing leads and growing as a business as these big names will doing something for you… ask us how… when you write to us.

The Need for Efficiency is Not a Myth

Small business spend more time making sense of what they are doing and predicting what they should be doing just like any large enterprise does. The only difference between the two is that one of them has optimized their workbench and hence is able to gain a rather very visual perspective of how they are performing.

Business Scaling Leads to Funding

The fundamental truth to any business today is that your ability to scale rapidly in to different markets will help you get major funding no matter what type of business you are running. The one catch being, you should have reliance on technology more than your reliance on people and assets to grow your business. That is also a fundamental requirement. Because unlike people, technology can be invested and retained with much relative ease.

Original Source – Growing a Small Business