RWD (3)

Responsive web design (RWD) is a buzz-phrase that all tech people understand. But, when you start talking about Responsive Web  Design, Adaptive Web Design, Content First Design, and other mobile concepts, the average business person tunes out (and with  good reason). I won’t argue that it is important for every business person to understand the basic importance of making websites,  applications and online presence a pleasant experience for customers, partners and suppliers. BUT, no technology person should  expect the average business manager or end-user to understand the ins and outs of the process. That’s why we have experts!


So, for all you business users and managers out there, just know that RWD is a design process that allows visitors to your site and end-users of your applications to view and use features, images, tools and more on their desktop, laptop, smart phone or mobile device and, if done properly, will enable you to achieve your business goals and ensure customer satisfaction no matter what size screen or what type device your customers are using. While many people think RWD is too expensive and too much effort to consider, it is a real question of trade-offs. If you do not make your site or app user-friendly, you WILL lose customers and users. IF you decide to engage expert RWD designers and developers, they will lay a foundation for a great user experience with high-performance, scalable designs that will accommodate growth and upgrade.

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