Can I Integrate R Script with Business Intelligence?

R Script and BI Tools Combine for Greater Power and Flexibility!

I am all for getting the most out of what I buy, so I like it when a service provider makes my life easier by making their products work with the products I already own, or uses clever methods to allow me to merge, integrate or pair products to get more value. One such example is my business intelligence solution. The BI tool I use integrates with R scripting so my team does not need programming support to achieve integration and everyone in our division can leverage the business intelligence tools and smart visualization features to analyze the R Script output. My team already knows the R Script tool, so this makes our life much easier!



This popular open source programming language and software environment is used for statistical computing, allowing users to integrate any R script with input and output configuration both to and from R script and my business intelligence suite. Users have access to a full suite of self-serve visualization and analytical tools to present and share results from R script in a report, on a dashboard, with interactive graphs, and in ad hoc reporting, cross-tab reports and key performance indicators (KPIs). My team doesn’t need extensive training so they can combine their use of R Script with Business Intelligence Features like predictive analytics, forecasting, classification, clustering and smart visualization to identify relationships, patterns and trends.

These tools are very important to our team. Smart Data Visualization tools enable my team members explore detailed data with simple drill down and drill through capabilities and to integrate and make sense of data from all sources, with a guided approach that allows for swift completion of analysis and reduces the time required for data discovery. Perhaps most importantly, these tools do all of this without the need for programmer. Sounds good, right? If you want to gain the same advantage and leverage your investment in R Script tools and training, you can start here: Integrate R Script and Business Intelligence