What is Smart Visualization and How Can It Help Me?

Why Should I Care About Smart Visualization and Advanced Data Discovery?

Are you up on the latest analytics lingo or do you still think smart visualization is some kind of artificial eyeball? Well, before you embarrass yourself at the next business conference, let’s get the facts!



Data Visualization Tools are part of an Advanced Data Discovery approach that allow users to gather various data components and tell a story that will clarify a problem, identify an opportunity or help to make a decision. In order to build and tell that story, the business user must be able to interact with their analytics software and build the story through guided visualization and recommended data presentation to best illustrate the underlying data and issues. Business users can quickly, and efficiently produce best possible visualization of underlying data based on data type, volume, dimensions, patterns and nature of data.

Smart Data Visualization tools allow users with average skills to cut through a mountain of data and find the nuggets of information that will make a real difference in business results using cutting-edge technology on the backend, and an understanding of the user experience on the front end. With this kind of support and foundation, your users can get a helping hand with suggestions and recommendations on how to view certain types of data and can personalize data displays to create meaningful views and collaboration. Smart Visualization takes the handcuffs off users and eliminates the need for the enterprise to anticipate exactly what each user needs.

Auto-recommendations, auto-suggestions and other tools guide users by recommending displays, views, and plotting to explore best possible value from underlying data. Here’s the thing. Smart Data Visualisation goes beyond data display and data monitoring to suggest options for visualization and plotting for certain types of data, based on the nature, dimensions and trends inherent in the data, so users can leverage sophisticated tools in an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface, with no advanced skill requirement or technical knowledge.

You don’t need an artificial eyeball, but you DO need Advanced Data Discovery with Smart Visualization Tools, and so do your users! : The Smarten approach to data analytics will get you there.