Integrate SAP and BI Tools. It’s Easy!

Integrate SAP and BI Tools: Low Cost, Minimal Training, Fast and Easy!

If you are using SAP® in your business, you know that it takes time to plan, implement and train for this enterprise application. If your team wants to undertake a data democratization initiative and use data in various systems and data repositories to analyze and gain insight for business intelligence, you would be wise to select a business intelligence solution that can be easily integrated with SAP and allow your users to leverage familiar tools to perform analytics.

If you want to ensure user adoption of BI Tools, you’ll need easy access to organizational data and you’ll want your users to leverage the sophisticated, easy-to-use features of a Business Intelligence Solution that is designed for business users to analyze data and produce reports and dashboards so users can work their own without dependence on IT or analytical staff.

Look for a BI tool that provides a seamless connection to SAP by leveraging Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) (for the R3 version of SAP) or HANA (with an in-memory performance data engine). These connections enable users to access data within SAP with no additional data extraction, transformation or loading (ETL) required. This process ensures that users can simply select from a list of columns available as output and consume this data with simple drag n’ drop functionality in a 100% browser based, self-serve interface.

Organizations that have implemented SAP solutions can leverage familiar tools and expand usage of business intelligence and analytical tools throughout the organization to support hundreds or thousands of business users and democratize data analysis. Users do not need special skills to analyze data or create reports or dashboards and the BI tools are adaptive and require no programming or scripting skills

Discover the ease and simplicity of a seamlessly integrated BI Tool for SAP users.

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