How Can Business Users Prepare Data and Perform Analytics?

Can Business Users Really Figure Out Data Prep and Analytics?

It is a great idea to get your business users involved in analytics and to encourage and build data literacy in your enterprise but one of the things that often stops an organization from implementing self-serve analytics is the need to gather and prepare the data for analytics. How can IT or data scientist staff turn over day-to-day analytics when data is spread across the enterprise and it is so difficult to integrate that data and prepare the data for analytics?

It’s actually not that difficult. With the right Augmented Analytics Tools, the enterprise can provide predictive analytics for Predictive Modeling, self-serve ETL software for data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) and a tool for data visualization all in one platform, designed for use by business users with average technical and analytical skills.

SSDP or Self-Serve Data Preparation provides augmented analytics tools that offer guidance so users can easily gather and prepare their data and use predictive analytics and data visualisation without help from IT professionals, data scientists or a business analyst. There is no need for lengthy, expensive data integration and customization so the enterprise can get up and running with low TCO and rapid ROI.

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