I’ll admit it! My iPhone is pretty cool. I love the games, the GPS and all the other stuff. My one complaint (if it’s really a complaint) is that this smart phone has so much untapped potential. What if I could design a custom iPhone business app that would help my employees to work smarter and faster from the office or anywhere! I could interact with my customers and let them access accounts, browse and buy services and products and do just about anything they want – all with the convenience of access through their iPhone. All with my dynamite iPhone biz app!


My business app could use complex graphical applications, 3D modeling, audio and video streaming on mobile platforms, or I could create interactive 2D and interactive 3D games, mobile interfaces for enterprise applications, content management system (CMS) interfaces for mobile devices, or GIS and GPS applications. All of that would be platform and device independent.I could use High Res Multi-Media, OpenGL, Graphical Apps, GPS, GIS, audio and video. I’d have access through local area Wi-Fi, GSM or EDGE and I can embed photos, and send PDF, Word, Excel and PPT attachments.

OK, wake up, Trudy, you’re not an iPhone third-party app developer or expert.  But, you can find one just here. To gain more information, email them at info@elegantmicroweb.com