There is software (that miraculous and sometimes maddening invention of programmers and developers that somehow manages, organizes and manipulates your most precious business and personal data). And there is service a word I have come to understand as having something to do with a business helping you by providing attention, expertise or products in exchange for a fee). But, can there really be something called Software as a Service?

Yes! Software as a Service is a wonderful new(ish) invention that allows you to get all the features and functionality of a software package without all the headaches of implementation, installation, deployment, and maintenance and support. It can be accessed via the internet so you can use it from anywhere and, the best part is, someone else has to maintain and support it.


For a low cost, your business can use the latest, most awesome features and get upgrades without the nightmare presence of onsite consultants who take over your offices and mess up your servers and network! I like this concept more and more! Software as a Service is not a blue sky, dream of the future. It is here today and it is affordable, practical and EASY. I mean EASY!

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Keep it Simple, Trudy Techtake