A KPI Dashboard Will Show Users the Path Forward!

KPI Software Should be Part of Your Suite of BI Tools!

There is no doubt that business intelligence and analytics should include key performance indicators (KPIs). Business intelligence tools must include KPI software and an intuitive KPI dashboard that is easy for business users to adopt and to use to monitor, manage and understand business metrics, actual vs. planned results and other data.



Once a business has established appropriate, objective, Key Performance Indicators, it must cascade those metrics to all team members in the organization so that every person is working with the same information and has a comprehensive understanding of what ‘success’ means to this enterprise.

With easy-to-use Dashboard Software, users can review KPI examples, define KPI with a powerful expression engine and lets them set polarity, frequency, and threshold levels using a browser based interface. Users can establish and monitor KPIs at the individual, team, department, division and company level.

KPI Analytics provide interactive options to change frequencies, dimension break downs and drill down to further analyze trends, and reasons for poor performance or for positive results.

KPI Dashboard that integrates with other business intelligence solution features is a crucial piece of the foundation and will help the business to build a complete and concise picture of results, activities and the factors affecting success.

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Original Post: A KPI Dashboard Will Show Users the Path Forward!