Self-Serve BI Tools with Key Performance Indicators!

Self-Serve KPIs Provide Metrics in an Easy-to-Use BI Tools Environment!

Businesses can no longer afford to make decisions based on gut or opinion. Today’s management teams and directors insist on measurable results and metrics that clearly demonstrate what is working, what should be changed or updated and how to get to the results they want and achieve the objectives they have set.



Every industry and business function has a different set of metrics and, while many industries have a normal set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), each business is unique enough that it will alter or add to industry metrics to help them understand their place in the market and how they measure up competitively and with customers and partners. Rather than looking to a select few experts to establish and monitor KPIs, businesses are now turning to business users to monitor and manage results and metrics for their team, their business unit and their division, so that all levels are aligned within the organization and every team member understands what must be done to adapt and be nimble and agile in the business environment.

Business Intelligence Solution that is designed for a self-serve environment will help your business establish, monitor and manage KPIs easily and share and report on information. Users can define KPIs with an easy to use, powerful expression engine and set polarity, frequency, and threshold levels using a browser based interface. They can establish and monitor KPIs at the individual, team, department, division and company level and these KPIs are not restricted to static monitoring. This type of self-serve KPI Analytics, integrated with other BI Tools and features can provide interactive options to change frequencies, dimension break downs and drill down to further analyze trends, and discover the reasons for positive or negative results.

If you want to explore the benefits and possibilities of KPIs and self-serve BI tool, talk to the experts. BI Tools with Dynamic KPI.

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