Data Analytics vs Business Analytics!

Data Analytics and Business Analytics: An Integrated Approach!

What’s the difference between business analytics and data analytics?

Business Analytics incorporates the skills, technologies, processes and practices to explore and understand exploration historical business performance and use that insight for business planning and issue resolution.



Data Analytics utilizes analytical algorithms and techniques to prepare data, inspect, clean, transform and model, visualize, report, and predict and forecast so that a business can explore and crucial information and make fact-based decisions.

Data Analytics is a process that is used as part of the Business Analytics environment to monitor and manage the business. No matter how you define and leverage these processes, data analysis for business is a mandatory and crucial aspect of business management.

Choosing Business Intelligence and Analytics that is easy enough for business users will allow you to cascade tools and techniques throughout the organization to keep everyone on the same page and ensure that every team member is working with the right information.

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