The open source enterprise portal Liferay web application framework, written in Java and distribute freely is predominantly deployed for developing corporate intranets and extraneous nets. This web platform is richly decked with useful features that commonly are used for seamless site development.Liferay portal development is capacitated by the embedded web content management system which facilitates building of web portals as synergic sequence of themes, webpages, gadgets, portlets etc. driven by a common navigation control. Liferay platform extends support for an extensive array of programming languages such as Ruby portlets and PHP. Liferay developer need not possess comprehensive programming skills to get started with fundamental site installation and subsequent administration.


Liferay development can be carried out on any computing device that offers support for Java Runtime Environment and any application server. Liferay comes pre-installed with useful servlet container.

Functionalities of Liferay:

Liferay portal development platform comes equipped with a host of applications such as message boards, blogs, content management system, instant messaging etc. Liferay comes in 2 different editions. Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition is commercially available and has all the contemporary features along with updates and comprehensive support. The release is made to pass through rigorous quality assurance checks and is made available for a subscription. The other is Liferay Portal Community Edition which also carries all the updated features and support is provided through active community.

Liferay theme development is further facilitated by a host of products and projects that come bundled up in the collaborative suite. These include ‘Social Office’, ‘Sync’ (allows publishing and accessing of files/ documents from various operating system environments), ‘AlloyUI’ (user interface framework for erecting web applications), ‘Literary Faces’, ‘Liferay IDE’, and ‘Liferay Marketplace’ which provides access to the public apps.

Liferay portlet development is taken to the next level with the help of pre-installed core portlets which extends the functionality of development platform. The prominent portlets that provide support are “Calender, Alerts and Announcements, Knowledge Base, Chat, Asset Publishing, Nested Portlet, Document Library Manager, Mail, Page Ratings and Flags, Tags and Categories, Software Catalogues, Sit Map and Navigation, Breadcrumbs, Document and Image management, Polls, Web Content etc”.

Sterling features that stand out

Liferay portal provides developers with intuitive, dynamic and time efficient features that enable building of powerful sites within a matter of time. The portal, apart from coming pre-installed with over sixty portlets, is compatible with almost all operating system environments, application and database servers. More than twenty two languages are supported. The collaboration suite offers support for web publishing, social networking and content management. Liferay developer can easily move elements across the portal using the easy drag and drop feature. Grouping of users is possible with each group being provided with a standalone mini portal. Liferay development portal allows accomplishing of tough strategic goals a breeze. Cost-effective and tailored solutions can be developed with relative ease for deployment across corporate and individual web platforms. The virtual Liferay Portal’s enterprise area offers ample scope for centralization, collaboration and sharing. Liferay is verily the next generation development platform.