Liferay Development: Easing The Process of Building High End Corporate and Amateur Sites


The open source enterprise portal Liferay web application framework, written in Java and distribute freely is predominantly deployed for developing corporate intranets and extraneous nets. This web platform is richly decked with useful features that commonly are used for seamless site development.Liferay portal development is capacitated by the embedded web content management system which facilitates building of web portals as synergic sequence of themes, webpages, gadgets, portlets etc. driven by a common navigation control. Liferay platform extends support for an extensive array of programming languages such as Ruby portlets and PHP. Liferay developer need not possess comprehensive programming skills to get started with fundamental site installation and subsequent administration.


Liferay Expertise at Finger Tips!


Get to know our expert team of Liferay Developers. Our staff is skilled in configuring the Liferay portal development. We have a wealth of experience with Liferay integration, Liferay configuration and Liferay themes. Our cross–platform technical competence and wealth of experience makes us the ideal Liferay service provider. Our team has built and managed enterprise applications and complex CMS and Portal solutions to satisfy business, association and community needs.
Our services include consulting, offshore outsourcing services and we participate in the entire project life cycle. Our customer satisfaction ranking is excellent. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified, software product and application development company. Our clients receive the best value, and the best products and services available in the market today!


Liferay Themes Will Bring Light to Your Business


Are you looking for a fresh solution for CMS and collaborative sites? The Liferay Portal solution is a good option. Liferay Themes and tools are innovatively designed to satisfy technical and usability concerns. The tool suite uses an open SOA strategy for easy, affordable application integration. Clients can integrate legacy system data, HR, Accounting or Sales data and other sources of important data to present complete, accurate data for Content Management System requirements.Liferay Themes allow developers to leverage a rich set of features and easily customize portals to meet client needs. The portal is designed to simplify the work experience, and quickly create, and customize CMS environments, document management systems and websites. The user interface has multiple layers of available personalization and desktop conventions, for ease of use and quick adoption.


Liferay! As Cool as a Space Movie, but More Practical!


You know how some products have such a cool name that you can’t help but pay attention? This year, I discovered just such a product. Liferay Portal! Sounds like something from an outer space movie with lots of special effects, right? What I discovered is that Liferay Portal is a web portal framework with over sixty tools and innovative technologies to create web sites, Content Management Systems (CMS) and intranet applications. It has features like Out–of–the–Box tools, Single–Click Configuration, SOA Framework, Dynamic Drag and Drop, Secure Single Sign On (SSO), Work from Desktop Tools, Granular Role–Based Authorization, Search and Tagging, Communities and Organizations, Personal User Pages, and Multi–Language Support.