Looking for a Great BI Tool? Compare Gartner Recommendations to Your Own Needs!

When a business is looking for a business intelligence vendor, business managers will often look to a Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for a comparison of BI Tools. There are numerous choices listed in Self-Service BI Gartner reports and it may be difficult to determine which is best for your business.

Look for a BI vendor that has designed its business intelligence solution specifically for business users. Self-Serve Business Intelligence tools should be flexible, rather than restrictive. Rather than having IT or data scientists make a decision on what data business users will see and how they will view it, look for a Business Intelligence Tool that provides easy-to-use features like Smart Data VisualizationPlug n’ Play Predictive Analysis, and Self-Serve Data Preparation.

Look for a BI tool that provides a free evaluation and trial period so you can actually see how your users will benefit from the solution. And, look for a business intelligence solution that is affordable, scalable to accommodate location and user growth and easy to implement and train so users can quickly adopt it and start using it to benefit the organization.

As you consider the BI vendors listed in Gartner reports, remember to research features, cost and dependability as well as customer references.

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