Data Management and Data Warehousing to Organize Business

Data Engineering and Data Warehousing: Mitigate Risk and Enable Analytics!

As a business grows, it faces the challenge of managing, security and accessing its data in a meaningful way. Often, the concepts of data management, data engineering, data lakes, data warehouses and data mining are well behind business needs and, by the time the business team takes a hard look at the issues, the task of bringing it all together to enable data analysis and a comprehensive data strategy is a daunting one.


So, how does a business break free of data silos and excel-driven data management and analysis and improve the reliability, accuracy and organization of data across the enterprise?

Even with a great internal IT team, the activities and processes required may exceed business resources and skills, which is why many businesses engage an expert partner. A partner should work with your team to create a comprehensive consolidated plan to find, gather and organize data so that it is easy to harvest and use for reporting and analysis and that data security and regulatory compliance is assured. The business will build a multidimensional data model and create analytical objects to allow for automated delivery and publishing agents for report delivery via email.

Additionally, the business must consider and address the required technologies and platforms including servers, operating systems, ERP and as appropriate an analytical process and training to allow business users and analysts to access integrated data.

These all-important strategies will enable and simplify day-to-day and long-term operational, strategic and tactical reporting and data analysis and make IT, MIS, business teams, analysts and data scientists more productive.

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