iPad! It’s all anyone talks about! Frankly, I just didn’t believe any technology could ever be THAT cool. I was wrong. I received an iPad as a gift and I am determined to use every feature the device has to offer!

If you know Trudy, you know that everything I do is focused on making business easier – improving my bottom line; making technology simpler for my team. So, I am on a mission to leverage the iPad in the business arena. iPad is smaller than a traditional laptop or tablet computer, with the flexibility and features of a Smart Phone.


The iPad is becoming more popular with business users because it is portable and flexible. The iPad supports Apple software and software downloads from the Apple App Store, and third party software, licensed and registered for iPad use. Third party apps are more popular than ever and users are demanding more custom, third party applications to satisfy their special interests, business needs and other use.

The future of iPad third party business software development seems limitless: Enterprise applications to increase productivity and collaboration, gaming apps, prescription and healthcare applications, educational and assessment tools, surveys and questionnaires, scheduling and organization, travel, food, social networking, movies, music, video, employment, and even augmented reality. I can see it now!

Embrace the possibilities of iPad business and commercial apps. All you need is imagination and a technology partner with the experience to help you create that reality. Contact the pros: info@elegantmicroweb.com