The internet is old news but one thing still confuses me. When we note a web site, we do the “.com” thing. When we say the name, we say “dot com”. When we talk about the Content Management System (CMS) dotCMS, we say “dot CMS”. I believe I have it straight.

No matter how you say it, dotCMS is one of the fastest growing open source CMS solutions in the world. It lets you manage open source portals, company web sites, and intranet applications and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist (or programmer) to do it! I like dotCMS because it has lots of features and CRM tools to help me communicate with customers. I can manage documents and content, produce feeds, news listings, blogs, and forums and use the built-in search engine to make my site easier to navigate.


My marketing guy, Jimmy can tag, segment and group site visitors to see what pages they visited, when they last visited, their demographic information and their indicated interests. I don’t quite understand why this makes Jimmy so happy but then, do any of us understand the marketing guys? He can target HTML email campaigns to selected site visitors, track response rates and report online and offline communication with virtual links he includes in the communication. Jimmy is still a busy guy, but now he can optimize his marketing budget!

If you want to leverage dotCMS for your business, Jimmy says you should go with the pros! Here’s where you’ll find them: