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My goal for this year is to create business mobile applications to help our company meet its goals and remain competitive. I’m still humming holiday tunes, so here is an old favorite, with a business mobile app twist.

  1. On the first day of the fiscal year, my manager said to me, “We need mobile apps to break free”
  2. On the second day of the fiscal year, my client said to me, “Your apps do not run in 3D”
  3. In the third month of the fiscal year, my tech rep said, “I guess…we need mobile GPS”
  4. In the sixth month of the fiscal year, my marketers did state, “With FaceBook we must integrate”
  5. In the eighth month of the fiscal year, my team leader did say, “Our team needs a mobile app way”


In the eleventh month of the fiscal year, our company did launch:

  1. Collaborative applications
  2. Product simulators
  3. Design and research apps
  4. Mobile Content Management Portals
  5. Social networking integration
  6. Maintenance and dispatch systems (with GPS, of course)
  7. Mobile career, training and benefits tools

…and CRM and ERP mobile apps

In the twelfth month of the fiscal year, my manager said, “Oh Tru, it’s time for me to promote YOU.”

OK, so I won’t win an award for rhyming! Just remember: Your customers and users expect mobile connectivity and the ability to do business with touch screen simplicity! Mobile business apps can improve your bottom line and increase productivity

Create some fiscal year poetry of your own. Contact the pros to help you develop your business mobile applications or email at