When it comes to pies, I’m partial to blackberries! And, my tastes do not change when it comes to Smart Phones and hand held devices. The Blackberry® is my favorite! So, it is no surprise that I decided to go with the Blackberry® platform to design my mobile business app!

You might think that BlackBerry® is a messaging device, but the newest models incorporate other Smart Phone technology and can compete with other popular Smart Phone devices for flexibility and reach! Internet faxing, web browsing, multi–lingual messaging, auto–text with auto–correct and other text features like shortcuts, FaceBook and other social networking updates, and support for Google Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, and eBay.


I really like the fact that the BlackBerry® device has a long battery life and can transfer data in about one third of the time of other devices. You can create groups, scan bar codes, and manage your customers and contacts from anywhere! That’s pretty cool!

When you’re ready for a taste of Blackberry® custom business mobile applications…Hah! A taste of Blackberry! Get it?…contact these fine mobile app experts! They are great BlackBerry® application developers and can design and develop cross–platform, and platform independent mobile apps. For more requirements, contact info@elegantmicroweb.com