Native Mobile Apps vs. Cross-Platform Hybrid Mobile Apps

Go Native or Cross-Platform? So Many Questions

Oh, How to Choose? Native Apps vs. Cross-Platform Hybrid Apps!

I attended a conference where my colleagues were arguing over the benefits of hybrid, cross-platform mobile applications vs. true native mobile applications. For my part, I stayed silent and just listened. In my mind, there is no one right answer. The choice really depends on what you want to do and PLAN to do in the future, and on your performance requirements. Like many technology topics, there are way too many factors to consider for a short blog post like this one but a few things do come to mind.


The future of the Enterprise Mobile Apps


Right now, companies are after making more enterprise mobile apps for their employees than before. They are trying to bring their all apps under one umbrella, as some companies have more than one mobile app. These apps are made to access the company’s files, organization of the files and collaboration between the employees.


Want to Succeed in RWD Design? We’ve Got Your Back!


Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Adaptive Web Design (AWD) are hot topics in the development and technology community and with good cause. The surge in mobile application development, software product re-engineering and interest in the user experience (Ux) and in user interface redesign is prompted by the demands of sophisticated consumers and business users. Businesses need to satisfy these demands, whether the user is accessing an application on a desktop, laptop, tablet or any one of the numerous mobile devices and screen sizes.

You Can Defeat the Challenges of Mobile App Dev Security


According to a global survey from CIO Strategic Marketing Services and Triangle Publishing Services, data loss and other security breaches related to mobile devices, was a real concern. When you consider Mobile Application Development services be sure you go with an IT partner who is experienced and skilled in mobile application security compliance.


ISVs & IT Service Providers: Give Clients Enterprise Mobility for YOUR & THEIR Success

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Enterprise mobility is key to business success in this mobile society. If you are an IT service provider or software vendor, you must enable your customers and clients with enterprise mobility if you want to succeed. That mobility must extend from enterprise applications, to web sites and all other technology tools you provide.Consumers and business users are more sophisticated than ever and their expectations and demands are always changing. But, one thing does not change and that is the fact that you will lose market share if your applications are not suitable for the numerous devices available today for users – desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones with different operating systems, browsers and screen sizes.