Can I Improve ROI and TCO for My Tally Solution?

How Can I Get More From My Tally Solution?

Tally users love the accounting and finance features of the Tally solution and would love nothing more than to take that desktop application on the road. But, without mobile access, these users must do without the crucial support of the Tally solution and the data it contains.



Today, there is a Tally Mobile App and that is changing the landscape for users who are on the road, or wish to work from home. A mobile app for Tally offers a multitude of advantages for your small or medium sized business and your business users.

Organizational Advantages:

  • Your business can leverage its investment for improved ROI.
  • Your team will be more productive.
  • Your IT support professionals are ensured that data and user access will be secured.
  • Managers and team leaders have access to reporting.
  • Tally Mobile App can support multi-company data to serve the entire enterprise.
  • The Tally Mobile App ensures online and offline access to critical tools and data from the Tally systems.

These mobile Tally dashboards are designed by ElegantJ BI, a Tally ISV partner that also offers Business Intelligence for Tally. Every enterprise, small or large can leverage these cost-effective BI Tools that are easily integrated with the Tally solution and provide sophisticated, yet easy-to-use analytical features. ElegantJ BI, a Tally ISV partner, has designed the Tally Mobile Application and provides support and domain expertise for Business Intelligence for Tally and for the mobile app for Tally.

Tally Mobile App adds value and enables near real-time access to Tally data and systems. If you want more information on the mobile app for Tally, Contact Us today and let us help you discover the expanded value of your Tally solution.

Original Post: Can I Improve ROI and TCO for My Tally Solution?