Mobile BI Tools Can Improve Productivity & Business Success!

Does My Team Need Mobile Business Intelligence Tools?

One of the critical factors in BI tools consideration is whether those tools are easily used on mobile devices. Mobile business intelligence tools are crucial to the success of a business intelligence project. Businesses may spend considerable time and effort on data democratization and on providing tools for team members to use in data analysis but if those tools are not mobile, if they are inaccessible to those on the road, out of the office or working from home, business users do not have equal access or adequate tools to perform day-to-day analytics, to share data with other users or to prepare reports or presentations.



Mobile BI Tools must be available on all manner of devices (desktops, tablets, laptops, smart phones – in all screen sizes and resolutions). No matter how large or small your business is, no matter what industry you are in, you probably have staff on the road. Today’s business users are also consumers when they are not work and they expect to be able to use their favorite applications on every type of device and in every location where they have a need to view or use the data.

Without Mobile BI Software your team will not have access to the crucial information they need to make decisions. A mobile BI tool will allow them the ability to respond to urgent requests, gather and analyze data in an easy-to-use, high-performance environment that will not frustrate them or make them wait.

Mobile Business Intelligence ensures access to data integrated from disparate data sources and allows users to share information, create reports, and perform sophisticated advanced analytics all in an easy-to-use interactive environment.

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Original Post: Mobile BI Tools Can Improve Productivity & Business Success!