BI for Tally: Mobile, Integrated and Easy!

Business Intelligence for Tally Solutions: Mobility is Here Now!

If your has selected a software product and your users have embraced that product, you do not want to rock the boat! You want to be able to continue using that useful solution. But, you may also need to add features or functionality to improve accurate reporting, to increase productivity and data sharing, to solve problems and identify opportunities or all of the above. So, what do you do?



If your business is using Tally Solutions software and you want to add to its value, you may wish to consider Business Intelligence for TallyBI for Tally will not only help you expand Tally Reporting capabilities and the value of the Tally Reporting Tool, but it will also provide your users with a mobile solution that offers access to Tally on the road and while they are out of the office.

Analytics for Tally can help your users see and use data in a new way with integration of BI Tools that improves fact-based decision making and allows for easy, detailed reporting to provide clarity and ease of presentation.

If this sounds good to you, I would suggest you take a look at BI for Tally. This Tally Mobile App satisfies your need for new and varied reports, access to data outside the office, integrated data for a consolidated snapshot view, security and accuracy of data, low cost maintenance and report development, and a performance-driven culture. It provides a complete Business Intelligence Solution for the Tally solution your users love and is pre-build with out-of-the-box dashboards, KPIs and reports. You can monitor business performance and design reports to suit your needs – all without giving up the Tally product you love!

Contact Us now if you want to find out more about Business Intelligence for Tally, and a mobile solution that will take your users and your business performance to the next level.