Content Management System

Every business person has seen, and probably used, a Fish Bone Diagram. It’s a proven tool that helps us objectively assess a problem. Last year my team and I created a fish bone in hopes of finding a solution to our Content Management System (CMS) problems. The cause and effect diagram is a visual way to organize data and brainstorm solutions but, in order to use it effectively we had to identify every problem. In the world of the Fish Bone Diagram, we refer to this as ‘knowing your bones’. When it comes to CMS portals, my team doesn’t understand the challenges of design, development, configuration, implementation, integration and support of a CMS system.


In the end, we decided we didn’t have the expertise to effectively implement CMS. Instead, we hired experts. Our CMS solutions was appropriately designed and developed, and logically organized, with meaningful content; a well–conceived access policy, appropriate security, and great usability and interoperability.
My CMS experts provided all the services I needed.

  • >> Technical and Functional Feasibility
  • >> Implementation and Customization Requirements
  • >> Mapping of Options and Features
  • >> Layouts, Look and Feel and Configuration
  • >> Customization and Implementation
  • >> Quality Assurance and Testing
  • >> Delivery and Deployment
  • >> User Acceptance Testing

When selecting a CMS solution you have to consider available bandwidth and processing power, search engine mechanisms and SEO, client and server side technology, and platforms and trends.

Selecting, designing and developing a CMS solution is a complex undertaking. Why not look beyond the Fish Bone and hire a CMS expert?, or email at