Business Intelligence

When was the last time you came up for air? If you can’t find, compile and analyze the data you need to make good business decisions, you probably feel like your brain is starved for oxygen and you are drowning in the rocky seas of data overload. That’s how I used to feel – until my BI IT consultant threw me a life preserver and pulled me to safety!

If your business is like mine, you probably struggle to get accurate business information, and present it in a way that enables decision making and strategic and tactical planning. If you are going to succeed in business, you have to have a comprehensive reporting and planning process and that process has to spread across the organization and cascade down to every team member.


An effective business intelligence strategy can increase organizational success, and the quality of business decisions at every level of the company. Middle managers and tactical line managers will be more responsive and productive, and senior executives can implement and adjust goals and strategic objectives with full confidence.

A proven, experienced IT consultant with business intelligence and corporate performance management domain skills and knowledge can be a life saver! I know, because my business intelligence consultant saved my life (and my job).

  • BI Consulting
  • BI Development
  • >> Readiness Assessment
  • >> Architecture Design
  • >> Requirements Definition
  • >> Report Design
  • >> Project Planning
  • >> Report Development
  • >> BI Tool Selection
  • >> Integration with Existing Systems
  • >> Ongoing Support
  • >> Data Security and Integrity

If you are lost in the rough seas of data overload, take control with BI reporting and data management services. Help is on the way!