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Remember the days when offshore and outsourcing were two of the worst words you could utter in an IT environment? Some twenty odd years ago, my CTO and IT Director nearly took my head off when I suggested that we consider offshore outsourcing, so that we could focus on our core business. That was yesterday!Today, you can find a really great offshore outsourcing partner; one that will deliver seamless services. Your users, employees, customers, partners and suppliers will never know that you are delivering all these wonderful products and services with a little help from your offshore outsourcing buddies!


Do your homework! Find an IT consultant with dependable utility infrastructure, a rich source of IT skills and a cost-effective geographic location and facilities (so they can pass on the savings to you). Make sure the service provider has a variety of flexible outsourcing services so you can grow and change your business without outgrowing your service provider.

  • > Software products and services
  • > Software development and programming services
  • > Project management
  • > Application development
  • > Maintenance and support
  • > Content management systems and portals
  • > Mobile app development and support
  • > Infrastructure management
  • > Data integrity and security services
  • > ISO quality processes and methodologies
  • > Global experience across time zones, geographic and cultural boundaries
  • > Rapid response and turnaround
  • > Affordable, cost-effective services

Sound impossible? If I can do it, so can you! Here’s an IT offshore outsourcing service provider you can love, or email to gather more details.