I love going to the movies! I sit back, relax and lose myself in a world of fantasy. But, when it comes to technology, I can’t afford to get lost in fantasy. Without the right data, mobile access and dependable infrastructure and applications, my business will fall on hard times and my movie will not have a happy ending! If I directed a movie about my own technology experience, I would call it ‘The India Advantage’. I would be the star! My co-star would be my Oscar-winning offshore outsourcing company! Make your own award-winning technology movie with offshore development and offshore outsourcing services from a co-star with a wealth of experience in software development, programming services, staff augmentation, project management, application and product development, maintenance and support and infrastructure management.


If you want your business to be a hit, get an experienced offshore outsourcing partner who is successful around the world with processes and methodologies that provide affordable, timely project completion, and long-term support and leading edge technical skills and soft skills.

The ideal location for your technology movie is Ahmedabad, India in the state of Gujarat because it has quality infrastructure and business friendly government policies. It provides dependable connectivity and utility infrastructure and a rich source of IT resources. It is home to well-renowned educational institutions and many English-speaking university graduates and technocrats to staff technology companies and multi-national organizations.

If you want to be the star of your own technology movie, get an Oscar-winning Offshore Outsourcing service provider, or contact the experts at

AuthorKartik Patel – Founder & CEO