Out-of-the-Box Mobile BI Tools!

Choose a Mobile Business Intelligence Solution for Your Business Users!

No software solution should be limited to desktops in today’s mobile environment. To make your team productive, you need to allow them to be mobile with all the important tools they use and there is no single crucial example of this that is more appropriate than business intelligence. If you want your business users to embrace and leverage self-serve business intelligence solutions, you need to be sure the solution you select is portable.

Mobile BI allows your users to access data on the road, working from home or in the office so that they can quickly gather data, analyze that data and get the answers they need to pursue the right action, make a change, solve a problem, identify an opportunity and share and report and present on data without the need to be in the office environment. That means your team will be more productive and you will optimize your resources.

Your team members are expected to do more with less, to perform at the highest level and to make the right decisions in a timely fashion. Mobile Business Intelligence will allow them to do that and to work in a flexible environment, at a client location, in a staff meeting, working at home or even digging into a problem in an airport or hotel.

And, when you are considering that Mobile BI Tool, you will want to be sure you choose something that is easy to implement, affordable and will require little or no training so your team members can adopt it easily and get up to speed to begin using the solution as soon as possible in order to get the best ROI and TCO.

If you want to give your team members this type of flexible, scalable, intuitive Business Intelligence Solution in a mobile environment, you can start here. Out of the Box Mobile BI Tools.

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