Predictive Analytics Use Case: Online Target Marketing!

To make the most out of online marketing, every organization must target the customers with the most promising profile. Businesses must understand what makes customers click on an ad, and what will compel them to make a purchase. Who is most likely to purchase your product or service? Where do they live, how old are they, how many children do they have (if any), what is their annual income, and what interest or driving force is the best fit for what you have to offer?


Predictive analytics can help the business to understand online buying behavior, and when, where and how to serve ads, market products and offer discounts or other incentives.

Assisted predictive modeling and advanced analytics incorporates data from social media, email marketing campaigns, Google analytics, apps and web sites, ecommerce channels, sales data and more to analyze products, pricing, customer geography, preferences, demographics and other data. It factors in seasonality, competitive positioning and many other considerations to help the business design campaigns that better target the ideal customer with a concise message to achieve sales conversion.

Whether you enterprise is engaged in online retail, media services, subscription services, entertainment, health insurance, financial services, life, home or auto insurance or professional services like IT consulting or event planning, predictive analytics can help you understand your clients and gain insight into what will make your customers more loyal, what types of campaigns will bring in the most new clients and more!

Use Assisted Predictive Modeling and Predictive Analytics to paint a clear picture, to test theories and hypotheses, to optimize the cost per click and improve customer target and sales conversion. Predictive analytics will help you optimize your marketing budget and improve brand loyalty.

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