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If your business is about to create, migrate or upgrade an eCommerce site, online store or shopping cart, it is critical to select the right solution – one that will satisfy all of your customer needs with elegant, sophisticated features and functionality. But, unless your business is expert in eCommerce software, it would be wise to employ the services of an IT eCommerce expert. A service provider with skill, knowledge and experience in the eCommerce domain and market and a comprehensive understanding of all available frameworks and solutions is worth their weight in gold!Selecting the right eCommerce design and development expert will help your business to achieve its goals and positively affect the bottom line. There are numerous benefits to a well-executed eCommerce strategy.


A well-designed eCommerce solution provides numerous benefits.

  1. Increased Sales and Site Traffic
  2. Integration with CRM, ERP and other systems
  3. Optimize Sales and Marketing Processes
  4. Unlimited Product Galleries and Options
  5. Consistent Integrated Corporate Branding
  6. Customer Retention
  7. Improved Product and Service Visibility
  8. Integrate Social Media and Networking
  9. Secured Payment Gateways
  10. Engage and Retain Clients
  11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  12. Sales Analytics
  13. Customer Satisfaction
  14. Reporting
  15. Optimize Marketing and Advertising Budget
  16. Diverse Device and Screen Size Accessibility
  17. Appeal to and Engage Target Audience
  18. Order and Inventory Tracking
  19. Targeted Selling
  20. Improve Customer Service and Satisfaction

Whether your enterprise wishes to create a new eCommerce site, integrate or upgrade an existing eCommerce site, or improve the marketability of an eCommerce store and online business presence, your initiative requires a skilled, experienced service provider. Your eCommerce service provider must understand technology, eCommerce frameworks and platforms as well as business models and function, competitive positioning, corporate branding, and sales and marketing domains. With the right eCommerce expert, you can create an integrated, online sales and marketing presence with effective outreach and tools to acquire and retain customers by targeting specific demographics and geographies.

Comprehensive planning by an eCommerce development expert will include technical feasibility studies to determine the appropriate eCommerce framework and technologies, as well as requirements planning for eCommerce portals and sites. Your service provider should also provide an integrated corporate branding and image strategy, as well as a strategy for integration of eCommerce sites with other enterprise systems and third party services, and an Internet Marketing Program and Internet Marketing Strategies.

The eCommerce expert you select should be able to provide all of the following services:

  1. Feasibility and Selection of eCommerce Framework
  2. eCommerce Store Internet Marketing
  3. Live Chat
  4. Migration, or Upgrade of eCommerce Store
  5. Responsive Web Design and Implementation
  6. Integrated Order Fulfillment, Inventory, etc.
  7. eCommerce Product Catalog, Images, Comparisons
  8. Reporting and Business Intelligence Analytics
  9. Integration of Payment Gateways
  10. Mobile eCommerce Implementation
  11. 24/7 Support
  12. Experienced Design, Development and Support Services
  13. eCommerce Framework, Theme Design and Implementation
  14. Integrated ERP, CRM, Tax, Shipping, Etc.
  15. eCommerce Pricing Management
  16. Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, and SEO

If a business is to achieve its eCommerce goals and integrate its online marketing and customer outreach with global marketing campaigns, it must select the right eCommerce solution AND the right IT vendor to assess, recommend and implement its strategy.