Business Intelligence and Analytics with Data Governance!

BI Tools That Ensure Data Governance AND Business User Access!

Your business is excited about the prospect of implementing a self-serve business intelligence solution! You have heard your colleagues talk about the benefits of data democratization, and you know your business users will take full advantage of BI reporting, social BI, and mobile BI, and that they understand the importance of business intelligence and analytics. You want all the advantages offered by a great business intelligence solution, the BI dashboard, KPI software, and all those useful Business Intelligence Tools



There’s just one problem! Your IT team is steadfastly decrying the risk associated with putting all that data in the hands of every business user. What about security, data privacy, industry standards? There is no doubt that data governance is a real concern and I would never suggest that you minimize this issue BUT there is really no reason why you can’t have data democratization AND data governance at the same time. There’s really no reason you can’t make everyone happy!

Your business must reckon with the reality of open access, multiple platforms, expanding user devices, integrated data repositories and data democratization and it is important to understand the self-serve concept, and the importance of data governance and, at the same time, engender business user empowerment and accountability. If you try to overreach on data governance you are likely to end up creating a restrictive environment in which a few people are the sole keepers of critical data and that will not help you drive fact-based decision making.

You can achieve Data Governance with an IT controlled centralized semantic meta-data layer and still allow business users appropriate access to the data they need and the analytical tools and reports that will enable user adoption and increase the value of every team member. With the right BI Tools, your users can have data access without having to access data sources. Governed data will satisfy your IT team and executive management while still providing agile tools and functionality to allow your users to gather, manage and deliver data while protecting data integrity, data sources and data security.

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