Self-Serve Data Prep and ETL for Business Users!

Self-Serve Data Preparation and Self-Serve ETL!

Why is Self-Serve ETL and Self-Serve Data Prep Important?

If your business spends a lot of time and money on the task of extracting, transforming and loading data (ETL) and preparing that data for analysis, you might want to consider the advantages of self-serve data ET. Self-Service ETL can and should be easy enough for business users so that your business can enjoy the benefits of advanced analytics without hiring a team of data scientists or IT professionals.



What is Self Service Data Preparation? Self-Serve Data Preparation empowers business users with access to meaningful data to test theories and hypotheses without the assistance of data scientists or IT staff. Self-Serve Data Preparation provides guidance and suggestions to walk business users through the process of gathering, compiling and preparing data for analysis so that they do not need the assistance of IT staff or data scientists. As part of this process, self-serve ETL allows users to extract, transform and load this data without specialized skills or tools.

Self-Service Data ETL and self-service data prep makes it easy to provide your users with analytical tools that are suitable for their skills and will allow them to make data-driven decisions to improve outcomes.

• Connect to various data sources – personal, external, cloud, IT provisioned
• Integrated data from multiple data sources accessible in a single, uniform, interactive view
• Leverage Smart Suggestions with auto-suggested relationships, JOINs, type casts, hierarchies, etc.
• Clean, reduce and clarify data so that it is easier to use and interpret the data for analysis
• Utilize integrated statistical algorithms like binning, clustering, and regression for noise reduction, and trend and pattern identification.
• Promote data and reports created by business users to IT provisioned/approved data sources, and identify IT provisioned approved data sources with clear watermarks to ensure balance between agility, governance and data quality.

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