Social BI Encourages BI Tools Adoption and Data Popularity!

Social Business Intelligence Improves Collaboration and Results!

What exactly is social business intelligence? The concept of Social BI is really quite simple. Social BI is similar to social media and social networking, in that it embraces the tasks associated with data analytics and makes these tasks and the resulting data insight a social experience by providing tools and an environment that encourages business users and team members to share data, make fact-based decisions based on that data and learn from each other to help each user adopt and leverage analytics. Power users are the ‘influencers’ of social BI and they can influence data popularity, the types of reports and data sharing within the organization and the creative ways in which people use data.



As Self-Serve Business Intelligence has evolved, social business intelligence and the concept of data and decision collaboration has grown. This type of sharing can optimize resources and allow users to access reports, dashboards and data. When you implement social media and social networking in a Business Intelligence environment you create an environment where business users can share, rate, discuss and learn from others.

Users will learn from one another and create insightful approaches to data analysis and as power users, and data analysis, become ‘popular’ within the organization, the business will see improved user adoption of BI Tools and, equally importantly, the business will begin to understand the types of data that users value and how they use that data, so the enterprise can provide data that will improve data leverage, and increase confidence in decisions. Understanding the social aspect of data analysis, and data popularity allows the enterprise to make decisions about additional provisioning of data, reports and dashboards to business users.

If you would like to initiate the concept of Social BI within your organization, you can talk to the experts.Social Business Intelligence.

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