KPI Dashboard Software & Self-Serve BI Tools for Your Users!

Why is Self Service BI and KPI Software Important?

If you stay abreast of industry and market news, you have no doubt heard the very loud buzz about self-service business intelligence and the significance of KPI apps in bringing objective metrics and simplified data analytics to the business user community. But, how does all this buzz affect YOUR business?

Quite simply, you need to get more out of your business and your team members and more out of the data that resides in all your systems and software. To give your team the information they need to make the right decisions, solve problems and find opportunities and business insight, you need dashboard software that is easy enough for every user and provides guidance and tools that help users make decisions on how best to visualize data and what types of analysis to use to get the clarity they need from reports.

And, when it comes to KPI tools, you need the same type of simplicity so that your business and users can quickly and easily establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure that objective metrics and measurements are used to make decisions and to manage and monitor existing objectives, goals, tasks and activities. Self-serve BI tools and KPI dashboard software helps your business by providing fact-based decision support, data analytics solutions that do not require data scientist skills, and tools that can be used by those with the domain and professional knowledge to apply the skills unique to their roles and responsibilities and merge those with KPIs and Self-Serve Business Intelligence to achieve results, make more timely decisions and optimize their time.

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