Don't Accept Anything Less Than True Self Service BI Tools!

Sometimes Self Service BI Software Isn’t Really Self-Serve!

Today’s businesses and business users are more demanding than ever. No one has patience these days for tools, applications or products that offer no value or are frustrating or restrictive. So, when you hear the term ‘self-serve business intelligence’, you had better be sure you know whether the claim is valid before you choose a product.



To some, Self Service Business Intelligence may mean that you don’t need IT to gather and analyze data. But, look a little closer and you may find that IT and data scientists are the ones who design and dictate the dashboard so there really is no way a business user can create or format reports, share data with other users or view and drill through data that is integrated from disparate data sources. In short, there is no way the user can use the so-called self-service business intelligence tool in a way that is meaningful to them. Decisions about how to view, how to analyze and what reports are available are made by someone else without an understanding of the particular role a business user plays in the organization.

The assumption may be a business user is incapable of using complex tools. But, if the tools are really that complex, how can you call them self-service business intelligence tools? A real Self Service BI Tool should provide sophisticated algorithms and analytical techniques on the back-end and an easy-to-use interface and navigation on the front end so users will WANT to adopt the tool and the organization will benefit from data sharing and informed decision-making.

If your business is struggling to analyze data and provide users with the tools they need to make clear, dependable decisions and accurately measure and monitor results, Contact Us to explore the benefits of true Self Service BI Software.